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Here is a list of your testimonials


Here is a list of your testimonials

Testimonial 1

Dear Mingo,

We would like to thank you for the outstanding job that your company did renovating and restoring our conch home on Olivia Street in the Meadows of Key West. We are thrilled with results - it turned out even better than we could have ever imagined. Without the vision, guidance, insight, and recommendations from you and your staff, our home in Key West would not have turned out as spectacular as it did!

We were very impressed with the professionalism, thoughtfulness, insight, and guidance that your entire staff and crew provided during the project. We were especially impressed with the engagement and personal involvement that you, Tim Root, and David Winn had in the project. We cannot imagine having the project done by anyone else. The results are directly attributed to the great collaboration between ourselves and you, Tim, David and the rest of your crew. Your entire staff was a pleasure to work with throught the project.

When we started the project, we heard "horrible stories" about other contractors in Key West. we were concerned, given that we were pursuing the project from our primary residence on the West Coast. However, working with Mingo and Co. remotely couldn't have been any easier. The engagement and communication of your staff to us during the project was outstanding and we never had any concerns about being so far away.

During the project, even our neighbors noticed the strong work ethic of the crews and their commitment to the project. We have and will continue to recommend Mingo and Co. to neighbors and friends in the Keys looking for a contractor to build, renovate, or restore.

We also have formed lasting friendship with you, Tim, and David. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality when we visit our home in Key West. While we are overjoyed with the house, we value the lasting friendships made during the project even more!

Please feel free to give our names and contact information to any potential clients looking for a reference on your company and work. We would be more than happy to share our completely positive experience and have them tour our home as a fine example of your company's work.

Warmest Regards,

Joe and Tina Moody

Conch Harbor Testimonial

Dear Mingo,

I would like to offer my appreciation for a job well done. The new 13,500 sq ft commercial space that you have constructed for us shows an excellent quality of work. I was impressed that you were able to meet our tight time frame. I truly believe that the communication level that was kept during the construction process was paramount. The weekly meetings with the sub-contractors and your team were essential to us being informed every step of the way. I am certain that anyone else you work with in the future will be pleased with you and your team.


Craig Hunt

Southernmost Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

As managing member of Southernmost Beach Motel Limited Partnership, the former owner and operator of the Southernmost Hotel Collection we have, over the last several years, used Mingo Castellanos exclusively for all our construction projects at the hotel. We have use Mingo exclusively because he consistently finished on time and on budget, and finishing on time in our business, where every day a room is out of service represents revenue that can't be recouped, is critically important. Equally importantly, the quality of Mingo's work always met our high standards and when unexpected field conditions arose Mingo was very resourceful on coming up with a good fix or work around to keep the job moving without sacrificing quality.

The work done by Mingo over the years ranged from simple bathroom remodels to complete renovations of entire buildings including correcting structural issues and building all new rooms.

Stuart Kaufman